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We're thrilled to announce that we now accept Bitcoin as one of our deposit options, making your casino experience even better and more convenient. This exciting new digital currency is fast, secure, and used all over the world.

Why Bitcoin?

There are tons of benefits to using this digital currency as your deposit method, so here are 4 of the most important reasons to start using Bitcoin today.

  • It's fast - As Bitcoin is entirely digital, transactions can take as little as 30 minutes to process!
  • It's low cost - We don't charge any fees to deposit with Bitcoin so your money goes even further. Bitcoin does charge minimal fees to make a transaction and you can check out what these may look like by visiting this website which updates transaction fees in real time.
  • It's secure - As Bitcoin is free from the control of banks, government agencies or third parties, you finally have complete control over your own funds. Also, Bitcoin's transactions are not tied to the identity of users, adding a degree of anonymity to each transaction.
  • It's convenient - Spend any amount of Bitcoin anywhere, and at any time.

How to use Bitcoin

It's so easy to start using Bitcoin, all you need to do is get a wallet and follow these 3 easy steps to setting up and playing with Bitcoin:


Create a Wallet

A wallet is a place to store your Bitcoins until you spend them, and getting one couldn't be simpler. We recommend either downloading a wallet to your smartphone via the app store or straight to your desktop as both are safer than using an online wallet.

Breadwallet is our recommended app that you can download via Android or iOS. Not only does it contain enhanced security features, it's also ideal for when you're playing on the move via your mobile device - both wallet and casino can be accessed from one place.

If you prefer a desktop app, we recommend Electrum. It's safe, easy to recover if your wallet is lost, and is always kept up-to-date.

If you want to compare alternative wallets, take a look at this handy comparison guide, which reviews the best Bitcoin wallets out there for the majority of mobile, desktop and web devices.

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Buy Bitcoin

You can then purchase Bitcoins via a regulated exchange instantly by using your credit or debit card. We recommend using Coinbase as it is the World's largest Bitcoin broker and an easy site for newcomers to explore and buy bitcoins.

Again, if you'd prefer to use an alternative exchange, check out this useful website, which shows you where and how to buy Bitcoins.

So, once you've bought your Bitcoin, it's time to send them to your wallet and make your deposit. Simply follow the instructions provided by your chosen exchange and you're ready.

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Make a deposit

Now that you have your wallet and you've purchased your Bitcoins, go to the Cashier page in the casino, and select the Bitcoin deposit option. Enter the amount you would like to deposit in Dollars, click 'next' and then copy the unique Bitcoin address provided.

Once you've copied the address, paste it into your wallet and follow the instructions. Transactions could take as little as 30 minutes to approve but don't worry if it takes longer, once it has been processed you're ready to access your funds and start playing!

Remember, if you have any issues using Bitcoin, you can contact our customer support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Bitcoin Top Tips

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We recommend downloading a wallet to your smartphone or your desktop instead of using an online wallet. Downloading a wallet, particularly to your smartphone, means you get enhanced security features to mitigate the risk of being hacked.

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The price of a Bitcoin can increase or decrease over a short period of time due to its young economy - so keep this in mind when you need to top up your wallet.

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Never use the same bitcoin address more than once. Don't worry though, most wallets will take care of this automatically for you.

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Any transaction issued with Bitcoin cannot be reversed by either yourselves or your exchange.

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Each Bitcoin address can only be used once, meaning you cannot reuse it once your transaction is generated. In most cases, however, the wallets will take care of this for you by generating a code that's unique to each transaction you make.

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Bitcoins can be bought through regulated exchanges such as Coinbase or peer to peer exchanges. If you choose to purchase from a peer instead of a regulated exchange, be sure to choose a seller that has a good reputation.